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The New Green World Order
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Dear people of Italy, Europe and the World,

The aim of this foundation ITA VERDE ® is simple.....but more important than ever to make our children aware that living in a Green World and the creation of it isn't impossible, but rather of vital importance for future generations to be able to survive.

The aim of the foundation ITA VERDE® is to foster green ecological awareness in Italy, Europe and the world!

Not tomorrow, but now!

No time is to be lost. We cannot continue with the production, consumtion and manipulation of the earthly gifts which we receive daily. Genetical manipulation of foods and seeds, the bio industry, smog from cars and other traffic, it is all far away from a human and healthy living environment for plants, animals and humans.

Let's pursue a New Green World Order® instead of maintaining and intensifying the 'old' economy, whereby we cause an even greater damage to Life and the endeavour of an even greater technocratic society that wants to control everything, including humans.

Look at your life, see how many people are confronted with cancer, diabetes, heart and lung diseases, mental disorders which are partially the cause of an non green living and whereby the industry flourishes.

See how we pollute our Mother Earth, day in and day out. Cars, buses, planes, scooters; they cause even more diseases. What do we do? Nothing! Our buildings turn black from enormous daily pollution and we live to consume. But those blackened buildings are like your lungs. Our body is like those buildings. The House of our Soul and Spirit is increasingly under health and social pressure and ultimately will bring no prosperity and happiness. Our lifestyle destroys everything. We have become an economical number. Governments, the business lobby and banks exclusively look at economic growth. A disease in itself!

Environmentally friendly products? Yes we can! We are able to produce and consume each day organic food, on a large scale, without genetic manipulation of rice, soybeans, potatoes, vegetables or fruit by multinationals and seed producers. You should ask yourself, and appeal to your local politicians and businesses. You may require that we no longer just talk about a Green New World Order ® but to integrate it into our daily lives and to position it at the number one position on the political and non-political agenda!

At our primary schools, organic food, green manufacturing (and ISO standards) and a total green life, should be the basis of education and the new thinking, a new "enlightened" era can and will emerge. It is possible ... a friendly society where respect for Life centres and is in synch with all our actions. But it can only be done together .... together and a further together, with pioneers who help us and point us in the right direction because together we want to be one!

Live your life with passion, do it sincerely and with trust and love. As the desire of ITA VERDE ® Foundation is to partner with you to achieve a Green New World Order ®. With full respect for Nature, Animals and Mankind, which are inextricably linked together. Mankind serves Nature and should follow it and not the other way around, which is the 'old' thinking.
Help us and become a member!

Don't just do it for yourself. Do it for the new and future generations, our children and grandchildren! Do not let them tell us that we have plundered and exploited the World without any respect and that a turnaround was too late.

Help us! We can do it together! Please join us in starting a new Green World Order ®, do it for Mother Earth before it's too late.

I thank you from the bottom of my heart and embrace your positive actions and thoughts!

ITA VERDE® Foundation/Fondazione
Richard Bos, Founder